about us


Alqamar Farms originated from India and has multiple branches
through out the world catering to high demands of meat through out.
Our customers are assured they are getting a great quality meat from a very responsible and honest source. We have successfully achieved
top-notch quality standards with a high level of customer appreciation resulting in long lasting relations and large amount of referral work through technological breakthrouh and innovative concepts.

Farm is set across a lush green campus, such that food supply would not be an issue anytime. Also proper shedding is done for Animals. This adequate space and food provides better breeding and living conditions.

Alqamar Farms have team of experts that look after the animals, the most important is team of doctors, secondly they have maintained proper hygienic conditions, that was the utmost requirements, proper identification system for animal is done. Alqamar Farms has adopted and implemented modern and systematic scientific methods to make animal farming a more commercially viable proposition. All animals are grown steadily in hygienic conditions. The professionally trained sta at Alqamar Farm ensures the proper management of data and record keeping tracking the progress and growth of each goat. Regular medical-checks and vaccinations ensure the animals stay healthy and disease free.

Licensing Policy:

A call for a common importer it is necessary to display the legal document and license to every stage as it has become vital for every business. According to the norms of poultry meat, we are prominent in providing quality product licensed under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Agency (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. We are known for our reliable quality meat supply and are established from last 1 year in Odisha; with our certified Meat Processing plant at Brahma barada which is locate in State of Odisha. 

Our Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to provide an exceptional poultry and other items of meat for worldwide consumption where we can transparently and successfully fulfill the requirements of our retailers and wholesalers with our capabilities and reasonable cost. Our vision is to provide the Freshness and High Quality meat product, focusing in the Logistics and all Export arrangements including production, packaging, certification, with the required paperwork of client including rules and regulation, transportation and shipping. We build wings to the dreams of importers and Meat exporters business associates with our par-excellence services.


Please contact us 24 x 7 +91 8082730370 ,or Email info@alqamarfarms.com